Staff & Faculty

Mrs. Yakel

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Yakel is very excited to be part of the La Purisima community. She was given the opportunity to experience Catholic education throughout her schooling and knows the value it carries. Being able to share her faith with her students is a great privilege. Mrs. Yakel received her undergraduate degree from Mt. St. Mary’s College. She has a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential with CLAD certification, as well as, a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Education. When she is not busy @ school, she enjoys spending time with her family, going camping, and reading lots of books. Teaching students to learn is truly Mrs. Yakel’s passion and she has been blessed to be part of this profession for over the past two decades.

Each year of teaching holds abundant gifts. Learning is fun and challenging in second grade. All students grow and change throughout the year and it is a joy, as well as, a privilege to observe this in each student. Second grade is a year where foundations are built and come together. The students are able to apply their skills to the next level. In second grade, students use their growing proficiency in spelling, vocabulary and grammar to become skilled authors. They have the opportunity to discussion stories they read together. Students use reading skills and strategies to help them understand what they have read. In math students learn to problem solve and practice mental math through the regular use of manipulatives. Math facts are important to learn in order to build a solid foundation. Religion lessons in second grade are special since students are preparing to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion with true understanding of these Sacraments. God is the center of their classroom and they incorporate Him into their daily lives.