La Purisima School is privileged to receive positive feedback from parents of current and former students as well as from our alumni, themselves. LP is truly blessed by this strong showing of school spirit, and happy to share a sample with you below.

We love La Purisima School! Our school has Cavalier spirit, great teachers and staff, and the best activities. The La Purisima Church community with Father Vincent at the helm supports La Purisima School and promotes Christian unity. It’s like one big family; everyone knows everyone. We feel blessed to have our child spend his elementary and junior high school years at La Purisima School.

Karen & Clark Galloper


La Purisima has been our family home since it was established as a mission. We are proud that our daughter is a 2nd generation Cavalier! LPCS’ covenant with God will continue to develop the faith-filled leaders of tomorrow.

Erika and Abe Ledesma (LP ’76)

La Purisima teachers go the extra mile for our students. They not only teach our children a solid academic curriculum, but also many other important life lessons in a faith-based environment. Since having our kids at LP, they are excited to be at school, learn new things, and are full of joy, singing songs of God and love.

Doug and Marilyn Chronik

Our experience with LP has been wonderful! Our sons have come so far in the 5 years we have been here. We love the mentoring and energetic support of the younger students by the older ones and are looking forward to another great year!

Marlene and Brett Earl


I have driven 68 miles each school day for the past 13 years because La Purisima has given each of my children love, support, the gift of confidence and self-respect. I am forever thankful for the teachers, staff and students of LP for their continued support of my three children. (Two are now at Santa Margarita Catholic High School.)

Debbie O’Connor


LP has “a beautiful spirit” – our kids not only are taught incredibly well by top-notch teachers, but also are completely at home at LP and feel loved and valued here. That kind of spirit is so important to learning and to growing in knowledge, character and faith.

Gráinne & Mark Mulholland


LP is special because of us. The people (parents and students) make LP a great place to be. It is always a joy to walk into the halls, meet new parents, and chat with old friends. I also enjoy being greeted by the smiling faces of the students. The love that comes from the LP community is what makes LP such a great school, as well as a great place to be!

Angie Bowen


I attended La Purisima Catholic School from 1980 until 1990 for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. (I repeated 1st Grade because English was not my first language, and I needed extra assistance learning to read). I still have fond memories of my grade school experiences at LP: my many teachers (a few of them nuns at the time), the holiday festivities we shared as a class and school, the fun assemblies, and most of all, valuable lessons I learned, whether socially from “Ricky the Raindrop” or the lady that visited our class and taught us the importance of brushing and flossing (“The Tooth Lady”), or academically from any one of my kind and attentive teachers.

I truly believe LP was the best foundation for my many schooling years to follow, and also the reason why I was able to succeed in my studies. (After high school I went to a Technical College and University–both in Australia–where I earned a Nursing Certificate and Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, respectively).

La Purisima not only prepared me academically for the world, but also socially and spiritually. Above all, I wouldn’t be sending my daughter to school here if I didn’t believe it would be a very good experience for her.

Janet L. (Yegenian) Hoffman (LP ’90)


La Purisima is not only a wonderful school, but also a wonderful family of tight-knit caring individuals. I am honored to have my son attend LP.

Deb Curran

We are proud of LPCS because it produces smiling students with high academic achievements. Our children’s success is a reflection of LP’s academic curricula, our experienced and well-qualified teachers, as well as integrated interaction between the parents and the school

Adriana and Angus Smith

LP is a family of people with the same goals of child enrichment, togetherness, commitment, and community interaction. The small school helps our children to know each person in the school and bring everyone together.

Mary and Chris Parker


“La Purisima is more than a school; it’s a community that truly cares about each child.”

My family has been with La Purisima for the past five years. We currently have 2 boys attending in 6th and 1st grade, with our daughter set to start Pre School in the Fall. In these tough economic times, people often wonder why we chose to send our children to private school. For my husband and me the choice is simple – we want our children to get a Catholic education, and we want a loving and safe environment for them to thrive. La Purisima is more than a school; it’s a community that truly cares about each child. We don’t feel like a number, or just another family in a sea of people; we are at a place where the staff truly knows and cares deeply about us. Since we both work full-time, the boys are in the after-school daycare program on a daily basis. It is a great comfort to me to know they are well taken care of after school. There is a homework room available for them, playtime, and friends to hang out with. They even get upset when we come to get them early, which is testimony to the fun time they have!

La Purisima has a great music program, which is something that many schools have cut back or eliminated all together. LP started a band this year, and our oldest son is playing the saxophone, something that he is really enjoying. I am grateful to LP and Mrs. Marconi for providing him that opportunity. The Science Club is another example of the teachers giving of themselves to make learning fun for the students. Mrs. Geary puts together a great program; my kids don’t even realize they are learning as they “play” in Science Club every Tuesday afternoon.

Perhaps the biggest gift La Purisima has given our family is the reinforcement of the Catholic values we teach at home every day. They pray daily at school in a variety of ways (basic prayers, community prayer, prayer requests and prayer groups), develop a moral compass based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and see living examples in their Principal and teachers on a daily basis. We couldn’t be happier with the home we have found at La Purisima School.

Tracy Meneses


Why We Love La Purisima Catholic School

By Anne and Tony Gaeta



Mother Mary
Yes We Can Do It

I recently reunited with fellow LP alumnae and was amazed to learn that we all stayed in or near Orange, close to the place that was the foundation of our education and our Catholic upbringing. We spoke of the teachers, as all former classmates tend to do, and we reminisced about the events that happened during that time in our lives. Some of us are still involved with La Purisima after all these years. Some are involved in the church and some, like me, have our children enrolled in the school. Others of us have taught or currently teach at the school.

This year, our son will make his First Communion, so it is a special time in our family. As a second-grader at La Purisima, he is part of the track team and the children’s choir. Our daughter is thriving in LP’s pre-school program, learning how to write her letters and her numbers. My husband also is involved as one of the school’s football coaches.

There is a feeling of family and comfort and warmth that seems to envelop you as you walk through the halls of La Purisima. That feeling doesn’t go away even after you have been gone for many years. La Purisima is truly a place I consider home.

Lety (Bernal) Schaeffer (LP ’82)