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After School Sports

La Purisima Catholic School is part of the Diocese of Orange, PAL sports program. Students in 5-8th grade are offered the opportunity to play on school sponsored teams throughout the year. The teams play against other Catholic Schools in our area.

Grades 5 and 6 girls and boys make up the “B” teams. Grades 7 and 8 girls and boys make up the “A” teams.

In the Fall the boys teams play flag football and the girls play volleyball. In the Winter both girls and boys play basketball. In Spring the boys play volleyball and the girls play softball.

In addition, we offer track for students in grades first – eighth grade in the Spring.

Eligibility for students in grades 5-8 Grade

At the end of the trimester all student grades are assessed for eligibility. For fall sports, the first trimester report card determines eligibility for winter sports, and the second trimester report card determines eligibility for spring sports.

To be eligible for sports, students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA with no failing grades and their responsible behavior grade must be no lower than a “C”.

Once a student is eligible for a sport, he/she will not be removed from the team due to academic or responsible behavior shortcomings. If, however, a player begins to struggle academically or exhibits less than responsible behavior, the teachers and coaches will use the following guide:

  • Students who have missed the regular school day may not participate in sports activities after school hours.
  • Students must report to daycare after practice or a game.
  • Students who behave in a manner which distracts from practice may be suspended at the coach’s discretion.
  • Students who behave in a manner contrary to the Christian philosophy of sportsmanship may be suspended and/or removed from the team at the discretion of the administration.
  • Parent participation in the sports program is mandatory, which includes driving to away games.
  • All adults driving players other than their own child(ren) to any sports events must have proof of insurance and a copy of their current driver license on file in the office and be safe environment and fingerprint cleared.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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Track Team

Congratulations on a great 2013 Track Season. See links to results and new school records below.

About LP Track and Field

The LP Track Team is open to all students in first through eighth grade. This season we hope to compete in four meets. In past years LP has performed very well and the students have had a great time competing. Join us for the fun!


In terms of equipment, track and field is a fairly inexpensive activity. Part of your $65 fee pays for a t-shirt that your child will wear at the track meets with their PE shorts. We do suggest that you invest in a pair of running shoes with good support to protect your child’s feet. Vans or other flat-soled shoes put them at risk of injury and put your child at a disadvantage in the competition. Spikes are not allowed at the meets.

Please pack a water bottle for your child to bring to practice. This keeps the students together and eliminates the need for frequent runs to the water fountain.


Over the next few weeks, we will evaluate the strengths of your children to put them in the events that suit them best. They can indicate which events interest them most. The High Jump is only offered at the Foundation Games and is limited to those born in 2002 and before. The coaches will decide which students will run on the relay teams and which position they will run.


Our goal is to make this a fun and enriching experience for all of the students. Over the next several weeks, your child will push themselves physically as they train together to compete. Practicing with over 50 students ranging from 6 to 13 in age can be a challenge so we expect the students to be respectful to each other and to listen and respect the coaches. If any of the students are continually disruptive during a practice, we will send them to daycare and you will be charged the daycare fee.

We are responsbile for the safety of the students during practice. Please come to the field to pick them up. We will not release the students to you in the parking lot.

Parent Volunteers

The more parent helpers we have, the more activities we can plan for the students. Pull out your running shoes and join us at practice! Just make sure you have completed the fingerpriniting and other requirements of all parent volunteers.

School Records as of 29-May-13
LP 2013 Medalists – All Meets